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Bottom-Line Answer to the Divorce/Remarriage Conundrum

Whenever there is a conversation in a group or on talk shows on this subject matter, the participants always refer to “divorce”, and address their questions and answers to “divorce” only. This is very misleading because the issue is always about “divorce and remarriage” -- not "divorce" only. People can divorce for many reasons but the real question is "can one remarry after divorce”.

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chapter 14 theology

Is Theology Relevant to the Christian?

Many Christians scoff at theology and theologians. However, by this they only show their lack of knowledge on the subject. What is theology… is it part and parcel of the Word of God?.

One Internet dictionary description says it is, “1. the study of the nature of God and religious belief. 2. Religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed: "Christian theology". I describe it this way: Theology is the study of God and His Word. Yet, according to the way many churches respond to someone with theology studies, it is anathema. Every time someone is spoken about as holding a degree in theology, it is usually followed by condescending references or innuendos of “not being necessary to serve God and know the Scriptures”...

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chapter 5 male female brain

Male/Female Brain and the Gender Gap

Some words on the relentless often erroneous teaching of the differences between men and women brains.

In a church service I once attended, there was a marriage seminar being announced as an up-coming event. In it, of course, was going to be included the often misunderstood topic of the differences between the brains of men and women. As they showed a preview of what people could expect to see, I was disturbed again by the erroneous teaching that is relentlessly going around in this particular subject matter...


chapter 7 I do but

I Do...but

Some say that things are not getting worse today, it only seems that way because there are more people. But, records show that the rate of divorce went from 3% in the late 1800’s to 50% and higher today.

In today’s society, marriage has often become so meaningless that more and more people don’t even see the need to marry at all. Others say, “We’ll marry but if it doesn’t work out, we’ll get a divorce” (I Do… but). We don’t realize that the breakdown of marriage is the breakdown of society’s very own foundation. A house divided will not stand – individually and nationally. Yet the church does not preach much on the issues of divorce and remarriage. But I do feel the dilemma of the church because they would lose many of their congregation members. It is a very tough issue...

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chapter 8 guerilla marriage

Time for Guerilla Living in Marriage

It has been said that one of the biggest losses of productivity in the workplace is trouble at home and the biggest regret people have at the end of their lives is the lack of success in their family life.

Reports show that of all the couples who marry with the promise to be together “till death do us part”, over 50% end up in divorce. Why? How do people change from being in love when they marry, to being out of love when they decide to divorce? There are many reasons that have become common in this generation which did not exist before as we will see...

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