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About TimingRevelation web site covers the timing of the events in the book of Revelation. But it is also about the timing and connectivity of the end times and prophecies unfolding throughout the Old and the New Testaments right up to the events of the book of Revelation, and how we should then live in these unusual times.

The Bible is God's revealing of the truth of life to man. And that runs cohesively from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation. If we look at it as a building, Genesis is the foundational stone, and Revelation is the completion stone of the building. Everything in between are the building blocks from the foundation to the completion. In the same way we find connectivity in this web site about Timing Revelation throughout related scriptures.

I like what I learned in the early years of my Bible College studies from a book "Through the Bible Book by Book" by Myer Pearman, Gospel Publishing House:

Timing Revelation Paradise Regained

Genesis to Revelation by way of God's history (His Story)

This Timing Revelation web site is about the completion book of God's revealing Word on the present unfolding history of mankind which begins with Genesis. The Bible, or the Word of God, would not be complete without both of these books and all those we find in between.

The book of Revelation is the consummation of the Old Testament end time events and prophecies, and the New Testament unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ's second return to earth to repossess all the kingdoms in it.

Because of this, the study of the timing of Revelation requires the study of the many connected passages of scriptures that refer, link, relate, between Genesis and Revelation – the building blocks leading up to the completion.

For instance, in the book of Revelation we read about the vision that John (the apostle to whom the Revelation of Jesus Christ was given) had on the Isle of Patmos. He was caught up to the throne of God where he sees the glory of Christ that He had with God since the foundation of the earth.

This vision is magnified further in the vision of Daniel, Isaiah, and especially Ezekiel, which we need to look up as extra curriculum of what takes place there around the throne of God in heaven. Even Paul had a glimpse of it which he delivered to be “unlawful” to his contemporaries in person and to us in writing today.

What does this “unlawful” statement means?

This term (exesti, pronounced ex'-es-tee) in Paul's days was commonly used by Jewish writers to speak of many arguable things including heaven.

In this vision Paul had “heard unspeakable words which it is not lawful for a man to utter”. These were not words that “could” not be uttered, but words that “may” not be uttered--not from God's laws but from man's laws.

And there are many such connective scriptures that we will look at along this journey of the timing of revelation, end times and prophecies, to bring us into a deeper knowledge of the wonderful Word of God and His Story of life and mankind.

And with this, throughout the Timing Revelation web site, I will expound on many of the passages of scripture that connect the dots between the beginning and the end of the revelation of the Word of God throughout the Old and the New Testaments.


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