Thoughts on Discerning, Judging and Prophecy

I often have thoughts running through my mind when I hear about the process of discerning, judging, and considering Prophecy. We often hear people say, "Don't Judge!". However, we can discern, therefore we should be able to articulate whether something that is discerned is right or wrong! So I thought of starting this page to write down these times when deeper matters are presented by others -- or by one's own self -- which often fade into the past as unspoken thoughts.

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April 4, 2023

End times illusions vs Realities of religion and the universe

I received an email a while ago from someone on a topic of the "illusion" of religious beliefs. In these times of timing of the events of the book of revelation, this subject matter is an interesting enough topic to write about on this site, being a theological subject shared by many in the scientific field.

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