Has the tribulation begun?
Timing Revelation in the end times events
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Hello... my name is Diane M. Hoffmann, author of this web site and the E-book on TIMING Revelation that I'm going to share with you throughout this venue.

Many are asking "Has the tribulation begun?" The answer is no--but it is very close. Find out why in my Timing Revelation E-book

As the Lord led me to read the book of Revelation over and over in the past months and years, as well as listen to many of the experts on the subject matter, I have become more and more familiar with the peculiarities of the book of the end times, primarily the understanding of the timing of the events.

Recently I felt a call from the Lord to share what I have learned and what He has shown me in the middle of the night in direct clarity of the events of the timing of the book of Revelation – hence the title of this web site, and guide: TIMING Revelation.

That's why I said in the heading above that this guide (in my humble opinion) is the simplest to easy-reading and understanding of the timing of the book of Revelation--  because it came from the Lord Himself!

Timing Revelation Chart

First, let me tell you how the Lord "downloaded" the chart, in the middle of the night, which breaks down the events of the end times in an easy to understand and clear way...

...this came to me from the Lord in the middle of the night, four months prior to the production of it and the guide. On the back of the chart (inside the guide) I placed the original outline that the Lord gave me at that time which I immediately sketched, and then produced on my computer, getting up at 4 am that very morning and working until 6 pm in the evening. When I saw that, it just opened a newly discovered panorama of understanding, simple and clear as crystal like I had never thought or seen before. Praise the Lord for His Wisdom. 

This web site works hand in hand with the TIMING Revelation E-book (also called "the guide") and articles expanding "in, around and outside" of related topics of end-times. All with the purpose of increasing knowledge and information, helpful, necessary and deeper in the calling of Christian theology. (Theology meaning the study and knowledge of God and His Word).

It is hard to understand the book of Revelation until we first have a better view of the TIMING of Revelation and the prophesied events.

This guide summarizes, in an orderly and comprehensive fashion, the important timing of the major events that bring forth the two most common questions on people's minds: 

"Where are we in the events of the end times?" and "Are we now in the tribulation?"

This TIMING Revelation guide and accompanying chart reveal and open up the mystery for us.

Some of the features are:

> The TIMING Revelation Chart(c), color-coded to the pages of the reading of the chapters of the biblical book of the end times.

> Identification of the chapter references on the chart for easy navigation of the reading of the book of Revelation.

> Two-column pages with actual scriptures written on the left side and comments on the scriptures where needed are added in the right column.

> Comments on the scriptures are focused on the timing of the events rather than the full descriptions of all subject matters of the book of Revelation. It is a "study 101" of the book of the end to first set out the understanding of the timing of the events for the facilitation of the next level of reading.

> Large print letters for easy reading.

> Easy study format.

Keep checking this web site--there is much more to come...

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Do we have answers to the two questions?

When asked about the timing of the events of the book of Revelation, most preachers, teachers, ministers of the gospel will say that according to all that is taking place  around us right now, worldwide, and what Jesus told us, we are very close to the rapture event and the judgments of the seals, trumpets and vials. Well that's true.

They may proceed to give further evidence of the things we see going on that we have never seen before and that sound as the prophecies given in the Bible. Also the words of our Lord Jesus Christ saying that the generation who sees Israel become a nation again, will not pass away before witnessing the end times.

But does that give us a picture of when the events will happen time-wise? Not really.

Israel becoming a nation took place in 1948. This puts us at 75 years today, and a generation is between 70-80 years according to the Bible. That means it could happen any day.

Where we are right now is what the Lord called “as in the days of Noah”, “the beginning of sorrows”, and “the birth pangs” (Matthew 24:8; Mark 13:8). (The word for “sorrows” in the Greek here refers to the pains of childbirth.)

Again, but does all that give us a picture, an understanding of when the events will take place, time-wise? No. We are still without answer to the two common questions that people ask, "Where are we in the timing of the end times?" and "Are we in the tribulation now?"

The Timing Revelation guide and chart show that we do know the answer to where we are in the timing of the end times and of the 7-years Tribulation. This is outlined in the chart that the Lord gave me in the middle of the night, in a way that we can clearly see and understand. And this makes the book of Revelation much clearer to read and understand than ever before.

This work helps us clarify and understand further the book of the Revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, as prophesied to Old and New Testaments saints, and for us today... so that we can be ready for when the Lord comes and not miss this critical moment in the history of God's timing. For our eternity is at stake.

Word of God

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Blessings and, as the Lord would say, "Be of good cheers" 

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