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Information page on the "Bottom-Line Answer to the Divorce/Remarriage Conundrum" E-book Chart

Written and produced by
Diane M. Hoffmann, B.Th., M.Th., Ph.D/Th., Ord./IAOG-Canada
web site: TimingRevelation.com

(conundrum = a confusing and difficult problem or question)


Whenever there is a conversation in a group or on talk shows on this subject matter, the participants always refer to “divorce”, and address their questions and answers to “divorce” only.

This is very misleading because the issue is always about “divorce and remarriage” -- not "divorce" only. People can divorce for many reasons but the real question is "can one remarry after divorce”.

And no one clarifies this in their discussions. That's the conundrum.

But for the first time, this 10-page e-book chart outlines the scriptures that hold the scriptural answers, from the Word of God, to the many questions people have about divorce and remarriage...

...and, in the end, the one ultimate bottom-line answer.

"Bottom-Line Answer to the Divorce/Remarriage Conundrum" E-book Chart.

Sample chart page:


How to read the chart:

> Scriptures on the issue listed in the 1st column,

> Related scriptures in the 2nd column,

> Comments written in the 3rd column,

> The answer to the matter in question shown in the “can remarry” or “cannot remarry” columns, according to the scriptural issue.

There are no answers to the many questions people ask
OTHER THAN what we have in the Word of God.
And the scriptures are clear.


Please note:
Because I see many sincere people being led astray in their important decision concerning the issue of “divorce and remarriage”, I have endeavoured in this concise  "Bottom-Line Answer to the Divorce/Remarriage Conundrum" E-book Chart to display all the scriptures that have to do with the subject matter that so many people are confused about. I hope and pray it will be helpful to you as you seek the Lord and His Word for biblical answers. /Dr.Diane.

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