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Diane M. Hoffmann, author of the Timing Revelation web-site and e-book, has been in the Christian ministry since 1981 when she met God personally and asked Him into her life. An ardent Bible student with various Bible colleges and churches, she first began her formal theological studies with the Eastern Pentecostal Bible College and went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Theology at Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies, (Inter-denominational), Toronto, Canada in 1988.

Diane then completed a master’s degree in Theology in 1990 (Thesis: "The theological relationship to the New Age movement"),  and a PhD in Theology in 1991 (Thesis: “The Theological Relationship between the Old and the New Testament” (Particularly within the History of the Jewish People), through Christian Bible College (Inter-denominational), Rocky Mount, North Carolina, United States.

She is an ordained Minister of the Gospel with the Independent Assemblies of God International (Canada) since 2002, and prior to that with The Association for Education and Evangelism from 1990 to 2002. For several years, Diane maintained a website where she offered Bible study programs, theological readings and discussions, Christian articles and products to help Christians grow in their Christian faith.

Diane co-pastored a church in Ontario in the late 90's and produced and published The Christian Perspective, a community paper delivered to churches across southern Ontario. Her and her husband moved to British Columbia in 2001, where Diane provided a local Christian coffee house and room of theological studies for a couple of years, and church services to seniors homes for several years.

Since 2017, Diane has been broadcasting a weekly radio show "Virtual Church for the Spiritual Unchurched" on Sundays, 7 am and 7 pm Pacific Time, through a local Christian radio station and on the Internet around the world. This TIMING Revelation web site and e-book is her latest project.

As an author, her work encompasses numerous written booklets, tracts, and articles on Christian literature and theology, e-books and printed books such as the Horizontal Chronology of the Four Gospels, The Global Mindset Report, 24 Hot Potatoes in the Church Today, and many other written works.

As a business person and entrepreneur, throughout the 60's through the 90's, Diane  also wrote many business articles and seminars, including a book on communication, Contextual Communication, Organization and Training, the ten-part Kindle series of the same book, various e-books on starting and running an online and offline business, and The First Step series on starting and running a small business. She offered also business consulting and services to the seniors in the community. 

In 2011, Diane was awarded the title of Diamond Expert Writer by EzineArticles© Publishers. A year later, she also achieved a marathon award of completion for writing one hundred articles in one hundred days for the same publisher. Diane went on to complete studies and training for her designation as a certified professional consultant on aging (CPCA) from the Age-Friendly Business© of which she was a member until 2015.

As a nutritional consultant from the Packard School of Nutrition, Diane has also written many articles and seminars in health and nutrition as well as diet programs to help people with their health and nutrition issues. In 2001 she wrote the book, Body Respect, Easy Diet. She also holds certificates in Home Decorating, and Home Staging and Redesign, which enables her to help people with the editing of their home decoration for a peaceful and harmonizing personal and family living experience.

Diane with husband Harold

Harold and Diane

In 2013, Diane stepped out in faith to take on her biggest undertaking ever: running as MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) for a local political party. Diane feels that Christians have certain responsibilities in the governing of their country. Since no one was stepping up to the plate in that constituency area, and even though she did not have the political experience, Diane felt strongly that the voters deserved to have a choice on the ballot other than the same parties of the last several years. It was a growing experience, and she and the constituency voters came out third throughout the immediate regional area and put the Party name on the ballot for the voters.

But right now she has retired from the business end of things and is totally dedicated to the ministry, focusing on theological works for The Lord and His coming Kingdom, such as this TimingRevelation.com web site and e-books, and the weekly Radio Show "Virtual church for the Spiritual Unchurched".

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