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Horizontal Chronology of the Four Gospels

by Diane M. Hoffmann, B.Th., M.Th., Ph.D/Th.

Horizontal Chronology

This is truly an indispensable aid to Bible Studies for those who wish to view the events of the four Gospels in an orderly fashion.

Special Featues include:

>> Organized chronologically by events of our Lord's ministry.

>> Map of Israel showing the movements of Jesus through the land.

>> Timespan of Jesus' three-year ministry at top of each page.

>> Chronology of the writing of the books of the new testament.

>> Miracles of Jesus in chronological order.

>> Table of the words of Jesus in chronological order.

>> Complete index of the cross-section of Bible verses in numerical order.

>> Synoptical pattern of the four gospels, developed by the number of main events of this chronology reported by each of the writers.

>> and much more...

 Index of the main events of the Lord's ministry:

>Pre-human existence of Christ.

>Birth and childhood of Jesus.

>Beginning of Jesus' ministry.

>Jesus ministers throughout Galilee.

>Judean and Perean ministry.

>Jesus' last week.

>Jesus' last six hours.

>From the resurrection to the ascension.

Other sections covered:

About the Horizontal Chronology of the four Gospels.


A chronology of the writing of the books of the new testament.

Miracles of Jesus arranged in chronological order.

Why four gospels?

A table of the popular Words of Jesus, in chronological.

The parables of Jesus.

Index of Bible verses in numerical order.

Expanded index of main subject matters.

Notes on the years of Jesus' ministry.

and more...

All this is covered in the 312-page "Horizontal Chronology of the Four Gospels".


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