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Contextual, Communication, Organization & Training

by Diane M. Hoffmann, B.Th., M.Th., Ph.D/Th.


For years, we've seen seminars and training on communication become more and more popular, yet we still want more of them. We especially want those that offer something new.

But we still have problems communicating. Why? Because of the MISSING LINK. This book presents this most important operative element.

"From my observation, in most cases the biggest need for communication improvement in business management is found in the following three areas -- in that order:

1. Organization

2. Communication

3. Training

Communication cannot be implemented on top of disorganization. Training cannot be implemented on top of non-communication. And, organization cannot be implemented without the effective communication of trained people.

Contextual Communication is the bridge that connects and sustains Organization, Communication and Training." 

Diane M. Hoffmann, Author

15 Tools-within-the-tools and over 100 ways and ideas to improve your communication by 50-100% within your business, organization or home.


-Greater efficiency

-Less misunderstandings

-Better relationships

-Better environments

-Happier employees

-Happier family members

-Higher morale

-Happier customers

-Better productivity

-Better corporate and personal results


1.Communication & its process

2.How do we communicate now?

3.Beyond active listening

4.Contextual Communication

5.Inter-personalities and management styles

6.Contextual Organization

7.Contextual Training

8.Specific areas of communication

All this is covered in the 280-page "Contextual Communication, Organization and Training", plus more...


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