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This page is the portal for theological articles provided by Timing Revelation & more, on important issues that may be misunderstood in the Bible, but critical for Christian growth. Unfortunately, Bible teachers with theological training are few in these chaotic times.      

This is the reason for starting this portal for theological articles page... to provide articles to help in this important issue. As we get into the end times, it is critical for the Church (the body of believers) to be strong in the Word of God. Often people are in disagreement with scriptures that may be difficult to understand or that are totally misinterpreted. 

But there are not many preachers of the Word of God who take the time to dig deeper for proper exegesis and explanations. This can be detrimental to the foundational growth and eternal consequence of many. (For those who don't know, exegesis means a critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture. And theology means the study of the nature of God and His Word).

February 24, 2023

Why does the Lord say "lead us not in temptation" in the Lord's prayer?

A lot of people ask: Why does it say "Lead us not into temptation" in the Lord's prayer? God does not lead us in temptation!

True, the Lord's prayer in both Matthew 6, verses 9 to 13, and Luke 11, verses 2-4 say that indeed. However it does not mean what most people think.

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January 28, 2023

Did Jesus teach us to call God 'Daddy'?

There's a word in the Bible that has been misunderstood by many of today's preachers and teachers of the Word of God, for a long time, in modern days translation/understanding of the Bible

This word comes up often within the passage of scripture from which it originates... and every time I hear this interpretation I have this uncomfortable feeling in my heart, but so far have been dismissing it for whatever reason.

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January 26, 2023

Do Our Departed Loved Ones Watch Us From Heaven?

For some time now I've been wanting to tackle an issue that is misunderstood by many Christians, which is the question of whether or not our loved ones in heaven can watch us here on earth.

Recently, I have noticed people often quote “... a great crowd of witnesses...” as the phrase to say that their loved ones who have gone on to heaven are watching them now. What is so important here is that every time someone expresses this concept -- especially “ministers of the Gospel”-- it teaches this idea to others. 

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